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Wii U HDMI Cable Information

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Connecting a Wii U HDMI Cable ?

If you want to play Wii U games on an HDTV (high definition TV), LCD and LED television, then you definitely need to get ahold of a wii u hdmi cable. High definition TV is so much better than the standard definition output of old colored analog television sets that are commonly used for video games. In HDTV, the graphics of any video game are rendered in a much clearer quality, not to mention that the colors are crisp and well defined. These factors lead to a much more enjoyable and exciting playing experience.

A cable directly connecting a Wii U to an HDMI (or High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is still not available. There is no standalone cable that is intended to directly connect a Nintendo Wii U game console to an LCD or LED television set to produce high definition TV. This is mainly because the Nintendo Wii U console was a multimedia gaming product that was released in 2006 when HDTV sets are still not yet fully developed and commercialized. The other Wii U competitors, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, on the other hand, have standalone and dedicated HDMI cables available on the market because these two products were released after the Nintendo Wii U gaming system. It may not be for long when Nintendo will release its own dedicated Wii U HDMI connection cable.

The Wii U game console is packaged and marketed with its own standard AV (or audio-video) cable which you can connect to a television set. A standard AV cable consists of three ports – two ports for the audio output and one port for the video output. The video connector is the yellow one. The left audio connector is white, and the one for the right audio is red. If you connect a regular audio-video cable to any television set, it will not automatically generate high-definition content. Nowadays, almost all of the television sets have a single standard AV port which is almost always used for another device. This device is most likely not a video gaming console. Normally, it is connected to a DVD player. Removing and replacing the single port to switch periodically from the Wii U console to another device could eventually damage it.

There is an alternate way of connecting the Nintendo Wii U so that you can achieve better output on your HDTV. This is done through the use of a Wii U HDMI cable adapter or a converter box. Composite cables (standard composite yellow-red-white cables) will not work because the actual signal from the Wii U console needs to be converted first to produce a high-definition TV output. There are cases wherein certain Wii U hdmi cables can improve the overall picture quality, but this mechanical trick might not be feasible in the long run because there is a risk of damaging the television set.

Wii U HDMI Cable Adapter

You may get a Wii U converter box or a Wii U HDMI cable adapter. This electronic device usually sells for up to $200. There are also lesser priced plug and play converter boxes. The following are some of the popular Wii U HDMI adapter units and their corresponding prices:

  • Neoya Wii U2HDMI is sold for around $39.95.
  • Mayflash Wii U to HDMI adapter (1080p upscaling converter) is sold for around $31.
  • Nintendo Lujex Wii U to HDMI Converter (1080P HD Output Upscaling Adapter) is sold for around $39.
  • Ipcqueen CMG (Cmg4029) Wii U to Hdmi (720p/1080p Adapter) is sold for around $41.
  • GSI Quality HDMI Conversion Kit For Nintendo Wii U 2 (comes with headphone jack) is sold for around $41.99.

On every Wii U HDMI cable adapter, there are also composite ports or standard components on the converter box. These are the ports that will accommodate the regular AV cable of your Wii U console. The other end of the Wii U converter box is the HDMI port. Any standard HDMI cable (that you can buy from electronics stores) can be used to connect the Wii U HDMI adapter box to your HDTV unit. This configuration will properly convert the signal from the Wii U console to HDTV through the wii u hdmi cable.

Standard HDMI cables are priced differently depending on their brands. Their lengths differ, too. The most common are the 20 ft HDMI cable and the 50 ft HDMI cable. Here are some sample prices of HDMI cable types:

  • Sony brands are sold between $50 and $100.
  • MonsterCable is sold for around $100.
  • Nyko brand (from Best Buy) is sold for around $60.
  • GameStop is sold for around $70.
  • Nyko one more time is sold for around $25.
  • Monoprice is sold for around $18.93.
  • RCA (from Meijer) is sold for around $50.
  • HDMI cable from the Apple Store is sold for around $19.

In some cases, Wii U HDMI cable adapters negatively affect the quality of the video and the audio output while you are playing your Wii U games. The picture resolution may be compromised or the sound output may be bad diminished. Before buying a Wii U HDMI adapter, it is best to do your research first to know which HDTV brands and Wii U HDMI cable adapter brands will produce a potentially disastrous combination.

Nintendo Wii U HDMI Cable

wii u hdmi cableA standalone HDMI cable used to connect a Nintendo Wii U game console to an HDTV has not been released yet by Nintendo. There is certainly buzz among online forums and blogs about an upcoming Nintendo-made wii u HDMI cable for its Wii U console. Furthermore, it is also likely that Nintendo will make some modifications on its Wii U console to include a built-in HDMI component. But as of this writing, only the converter box or the Wii U HDMI cable adapter can let you play the Nintendo Wii U video gaming system on HDTV. Any composite cable will not work either.

A very important thing to note while attempting to get HDTV connection is that the maximum output of the Nintendo Wii U is 480p resolution. This will not change regardless of whatever connection type you use.

You may see some many merchants trolling online and peddling their Nintendo Wii U HDMI cables. But upi must be careful. It’s important to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable retailer. They could be actually selling inferior quality or counterfeit Wii U HDMI cable adapters instead authentic Nintendo adequate products.

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